Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My two cents on a discussion today about Abortion

Hi There ... I just wanted to get some stuff off of my chest ... We had somewhat of a discussion in class today .. about abortion ... there was one girl who got very angry a girl who had said, "abortion is murder" ... and the girl who got angry said in respsonse .. "you believe in God, right? .. well God doesn't judge ... and you shouldn't judge" .... at the end of the class my teacher's assistant said she was catholic and was taught that abortion was wrong, however she was a very pro-choice advocate because she believed that if a person was raped it would seem horrible to have to carry the child of that horrible memory around with them ... I wanted to say something ... but everyone was trying to get their opinnion in ... and all these people I thought were religious and I thought were people of faith .. well .. they determined that it is a person's ... a woman's choice .....

I did not get my two cents in at that time ... but now I want to say what is wrong with this ... it is not a person's choice! It is God's choice! no matter how much a person wants to choose ... and yes ... we are not supposed to judge ... Jesus did say "let him who has no sin cast the first stone" ... however ... Jesus did not say that that adulterous woman in that case was not committing a sin ... in fact, He said ..."go and sin no more" ... he did not say that what she had done did not count as real sin because of circumstances ..but He did forgive her sin ... and he did want the people around who were going to stone her acknowledge that they were all sinners .. but they were judging her as if their sin was not as bad as her sin or something .... (then again there is a whole thing about her sin being sexual ... so in some ways it actually is worse) ... however ... what the point is .. and something that I actually had to learn as I grew up in the faith too ... is that "all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God" ... and "the wages of sin is death" ... no matter if our sin is being involved in a gang and maliciously raping and robbing and physically killing or beating people up ... or whether we've gone to church our whole lives ... and maybe the sin we have to deal with may even be worse ... because maybe our sin is pride ... maybe we like Lucifer .. think we are holier than thou ... and do not even realize it ... and so ... THIS ... is what it means not to judge .... we should not judge people ... and we should not judge whether a person is doing the best they can or not when it comes to trying to live a good life ... but should we judge an obvious predicament that hundreds of women find themselves in every day ... and try to find out what the right thing is to do ... so that first of all....the woman can find the right thing to do so she will not suffer the concequences of a bad decision .... and secondly ... so we can figure out what exactly God's word says ... so God's Word can be followed so He can be glorified by being obeyed.

In actually  .. it should be first ... to glorify God .. and then secondly  .. so that the mother will be saved from making a bad decision ..  but when talking to people who are not Christians .. I find that these are reversed .. because the 'to glorify God' argument just doesn't work for them .. because they don't believe in God .. however ... the second argument .. the good of the mother ... is really interesting  .. because in the long run "all things work together for good for those who love [God] and keep [God's] commandments ... one of my favorite teachers at Bible college said"God doesn't give us rules to make life harder and annoying ... He gives us rules so that we don't get hurt ... because he loves us" ... it's like (also from that same teacher)   God says "hey  ... stop hitting yourselves with bricks"   I mean we can keep on ignoring God  .. and deciding to continue hitting ourselves with bricks if we want to  .. but that would just be really stupid ... wouldn't it be better to listen to someone who loves us an knows what's best for us ...   

This is how I see it  ..... it is a very very very large assumption  .. as far as I am concerned that having an abortion after you are raped will help with coping with the traumatic event ..... as far as I am concerned .. if you are raped ... and God blesses you with a child from that .. well then .. God has faith in you that you will be strong enough to deal with the raising of this child ... and not only that  .. but God says "all things work for good for those who love Me and keep My commandments" ... and so  .. God does not give us hard things in our life to hurt us .. but to teach us things and to bless us in ways what we may not realize until much later down the road"  If God wanted to decide not to give a person a child with a perosn who raped her ... God may be blessing that person by not giving them a child ...but if does give her a child by the rapist .. well then ... God has a reason for doing this ... we do not know the reason .. and it may be very very very hard at first .. but there is a reason .. and to trust God is to trust Him completely .. just as Abraham trusted God with his only son.  If we go against God's word because it doesn't make sense to us in the moment, then we won't be able to get the benefit of what He was trying to bless us with. 

Practically speaking, studies have been shown about the tremendously devastating psychological effects that happen to women after they have had an abortion ... Something is definitely telling their psychie that something terribly wrong has happened .. and more than that .. it has also been shown that many mothers are comforted and helped in their recovery by the blessing of a child in the months and years after a rape has occurred.  The ability to produce good from something horribly painful and evil .. is very important to the healing process of many mothers.  As for the "they won't be born into a good life" argument ... that does not hold because first, there is adoption ... and secondly,  no one knows what God's plan is for a child being brought into the world ... How many children are brought into the world in to a poor-as-dirt family  .. and even in a bad situation  .. and go on to do great things. ...  Leonardo Da Vinci was a bastard and shunned .. Charles Dickens grew up dirt poor, and Mozart died dirt poor with out enough money to be buried ... It part of the human condition to be born in to misery and sinfulness .. and being born into difficult situations is how I believe God creates people who will grow up to do something about changing these conditions.  God's ways are higher than our ways .. and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  What we may see as a child who would have been better off not being alive at all .. God sees as a person who sees another side of life, a child who grows up with humility, insight, and wisdom about life, and a child that will be that much stronger coming out of that situation when he or she grows up. 

We do not have the right to make choices about human life and death .. only God does .. but God is full of love, mercy, and grace .. and if we do what is right no matter how difficult it is .. He will not abandon us .. God will make a way .. when there is no other way. 

Thanks for listening
God Bless You,
- Creation Chick

Monday, August 9, 2010

South American Rainforest

Hey Check it Out! Just Redesigned my Sight!

Hey Check it out everyone!  - just redesigned my sight!  i'm very proud of it ... so come on over and check it out!                        Sincerely - CC   :  )

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi there ... Creation Chick here .... well ... needless to say ... It's been a long time since I've been online .... I am grateful that people are still following my site and my facebook page ... Thank you for that! It is very encouraging. Well .... I have some things to say ... and I have had a lot of doubts about whether I'm just chasing the wind here ... or if I'm really seeking out some important truths that can help young people understand why God is real .. and why they need to come to Him .... So I just want to be honest about me ... I don't have all the answers ... wish I did ... yah and maybe I have some out-there views on some things... Whether or not you agree with me or not on every little thing is beside the point ... The reality is that I am a born-again Bible believing Christian ... I also happen to believe in Creationism .... and not evolution ... and I think that there is something fundamentally wrong with our society because of evolution .... in our schools ... in our sciences ... in our daily way of life and how we relate to one another .... The reality is that many people think evolution is just harmless ... and that it's just something that men of God don't understand much about so maybe we get all nervous about ideas we don't understand when in reality ... they fit into the Bible perfectly ...... Well, the problem is this ....If there is a guy who is married and talks to an old girlfriend behind his wife's back .... on the surface there is no REAL PROBLEM with this, right? what his wife doesn't know won't hurt her, right? ..... I mean this could go on forever and his wife may never find out ... and as long as the husband does not have any physical relations with this old girlfriend ... than everything is okay right? Just like we Christians can believe anything we want just as long as we also decide to believe the Bible is true and can adjust our beliefs to the Bible, correct? .... Well what if this husband gradually starts criticising his wife about how she looks or about her cooking or anything like that ... because IN HIS MIND ... he is comparing his wife to his old girlfriend .... even if it is even subconscious, right? ... and it could go one of two ways ... there could be so much tension that the wife is experiencing that they divorce ... or the husband and wife could go on perpetually like this forever, making the wife always feel not good enough and unloved lowering her quality of life ... while the husband goes on obliviously, and seemingly harmlessly talking to an "old friend" The point is that there are things that we do that are seemingly okay ... but they have an effect on our lives that we might not even realize .... I'm just likening this to evolution because people do not understand the effect that believing or not believing in evolution has on their lives and their Christian walk. The reality is that I would not be nit-picking if I thought that this evolution/creation battle was not important ... but the reality is that I have studied many many books on the subject and talked to many IT AFFECTS YOU..... IT DOES. And is a wife nit-picking if she asks her husband not to talk to an old girlfriend because it is affecting their marriage? .... Well he might think so .... and that would be sad ... because a wife is a treasure and a gift from God ..... And was God nit-picking when He commanded, "You shall have no other gods before me" ..... People today try to work around that commandment and say ... 'Well ... sports stars aren't really gods', or 'Celebrities aren't really gods', or 'Ecucation and Scientific Progress aren't really gods' .... just like a husband could say that he isn't really doing anything wrong by having a friendship with another woman that just happens to be negatively affecting his marriage with his wife ...... or like a modern-day Christian could say that he or she believes in evolution and it has no effect on his or her faith...... REALLY? Are they really going to take that chance? WHAT IF IT DOES AFFECT FAITH?! Is it worth it? Even if this 'harmless friendship didn't end up ruining the couple's marriage .... it would make everyone miserable in the mean time and destroy everything marriage is supposed to be. Just like if someone believes in something that is contrary to the Bible ... sure maybe the person will survive with their soul intact .... but can they be a good witness if they are subscribed to something that is not of God .... Jesus said ... Matthew 12:30 "He who is not for Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters. (NIV) It's like being on a soccer team and taking the ball and scoring on your own goalie! It's like, 'What are you doing? You scored in the wrong goal!' .... But the devil is a master of deception and he loves to keep us confused about what goal we are aiming at ..... WE ARE AIMING AT JESUS ... and ETERNAL LIFE in HEAVEN is our GOAL and TO TAKE AS MANY PEOPLE WITH US AS POSSIBLE ... and to BE A GOOD WITNESS and a FAITHFUL SERVANT .... Is our goal to be famous in this world or to make sure that people know that we can argue with them until they conceed that we are more intelligent than they are ... or is it to have people say of us that we are a good person or talented or athletic or TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE CURRENT SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY MEMBERS? .... What we have to remember here is that there is always a place where we will be accepted .... and that is in the arms of our Father in Heaven and our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Bible says ... Genesis 1:1 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (NIV) and the Bible describes the fact that Man NAMED the ANIMALS ... ALL of them .....Genesis 2:1 'So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and all the beasts of the field. But for Adam no suitable helper was found.' (NIV) There is not room left for evolution in the Bible ... and therefore ... there is no room and no place for evolution in my heart or in my theology either .... If it isn't in the Bible, than it should not be something that I meditate on or believe, ESPECIALLY if the BIBLE EXPRESSLY CONTRADICTS what evolution says, than of course I should not believe it ..... There are a couple of tests to see if something is against God's Word, and EVOLUTION FAILS BOTH OF THESE .... Test number one ..... Does it contradict the Biblical account? As we have just seen, the account of Creation in Genesis contradicts the Way in which man and animals would have come about according to evolution .... Test number two ... Does it affect my faith in God in a negative way? .... Well ... each person is going to have to look into his or her own heart and ask this question .... but one thing we can look at is this nation, this world, and this Christian community as a whole ... has evolution affected our morals as Christians, as a nation, as a world society? .... Every person has their own unique answer to this ... but just as a husband can bicker and argue back and forth with his wife and say that a friendship with another woman DOES NOT affect their marriage .... does arguing and explaining, and offering statistics .... can this 'EVIDENCE' really change the reality of a situation? ... Will the wife suddenly be like ... 'okay, well I thought that I was not being paid attention to ... but no that you EXPLAINED it to me and offered EVIDENCE .... I guess it's not really that bad that you always compare me to this other woman ... and I should really look at it another way ... I should be lucky to have any husband at all, whether he loves me or not. Now I see the light '.... Does deluding yourself into agreeing with something make that thing morally right? .... And Finally .... God created our brains, our hearts, our curiosity, our minds, our system of logic, and our vast abilities to think, create, and discover truths about our universe .... EVERY WORD of the BIBLE is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! and so wouldn't it make sense that if there was a theory out there that was absolutely true aswell, would it not be logical that it would be in complete agreement with the Holy Bible, and also that if there is a theory that has flaws(... ahem ... evolution... cough...) Then it would would be logical that it too would NOT be in agreement with the Bible .... And this is what Creation Science is my friends ... A scientific school of thought that has set out to show the scientific explanations for our universal truths that are in agreement with the Bible and discard the ones that are not in agreement with the Bible ... and at the same time ... in accordance with our belief that the Bible holds absolute and eternal truth, becuase it is the very WORD of the LIVING GOD, we hold that the scientific truths that we find to agree with the Bible also happen to agree with Scientific Fact and Logic aswell ... and that the Scientific ideas that do not agree with the Bible .... will eventuallly be shown to be proven false .... This is Creation Science ... and this is why I love Creation Sceince so much ..... and why I believe everyone should CHECK CREATION SCIENCE OUT!

May God Bless You Abundantly!

-Creation Chick

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow!  has it really been since February that I have neglected to make any posts on this blog!  well .. sorry about that ... I DO have an excuse  ... being that my computer was broken and I don't like to borrow other people's computers because I'm afraid I might brake them too ... he he ... and also ... I just think it's weird to borrow other people's computers because  ... well  ... I can't save anything on them .... and really there's just no point to it.

 So ... I'm trying a new thing here ... just gong to try to say what's on my mind before I go to work and then, well  that will be that.  Every time I want to say something ... I second guess myself  ... because there are so many people on the internet saying that Creationists are 'stupid' and what not ... But I've finally taken some time to relax and read some creation cryptozoology books... and it's really given me a renewed vigor and confidence that what I'm talking about it correct ... it is right ... it's not made up ... it's a reality in the scientific world that secular people and even religious and people of faith just want to ignore right now... they want everyone to be friends and get along and they just want everyone to accept evolution for face value.  Well not this chick ... not going to happen ... I'm not selling out... and neither should you ... we should keep on going ... because we have more people on our side than you would think .... and more amazing evidence, too.  Unfortunately we can't just have this evidence handed to us on a silver platter ... we have to go digging because hey, some of the secular scientific community and also the devil ... wants us to think it's not there ... that it's all in our heads .... that we just imagine that we are finding scientific evidence for flood geology and for recent creation and for animals that are supposed to be extinct by evolution standards ..... popping up everywhere on the globe in remote places .... they think to themselves, 'well each of these BREAKS in the evolution theory will just be written off as another unexplained 'fluke'  of evolution .... another 'mystery' of evolution .... another 'miracle' of evolution ...    that somehow nature is not always perfect ... so somehow ... evolution therefore doesn't always make sense perfectly all the time ..... wh wh whAT!    Does 2 + 3 SOMETIMES equal 4 instead of 5? .... Is the boiling point of H2O EVER anything but 100 degrees Celsius?    Ummm ... unless you don't even know the very basic premises of math of science, the reality is that NO!  The rules, the theorums of math, the postulates, the laws, even the well established theories of science , which is supposedly what evolution is .... well established my foot ... - well accepted ... but well established? HAHAHAHAHA .... okay get it together .. anyway  ... these rules of science and math NEVER change.... and IF THEY DO .. . well then ... the theory is then proven to be  ... guess what ../. that's right . ..  FALSE, wrongo, not true, it is then proven that theory never was or never will be true in any way shape, form, time, place or context.  FALSE is FALSE is FALSE .... you can't take something that's been proven to not match up in some contexts ... and try to use it to explain things in other contexts ... just doesn't happen ... unless of course you were purposely trying to bend the laws of math and science to purposely lead the populous in the direction of believing what YOU WANT THEM to BELIEVE..... but you would never do that, right EVOLUTIONISTS?      hmmm ... no response ...

Well I'll tell you what ... there is something unexplained on here and maybe there is something miraculous going on here ... but is it evolution ... I highly doubt it ... :  )  My mind doubts it, and the spiritual truth inside me KNOWS that it is not evolution.
                           --- on that note... did you ever notice how evolution agenda propagators just HAVE to put the name EVOLUTION or EVOLUTIONARY in front of every little thing they say ... just so that EVERYONE is clear that it's EVOLUTION that supposedly designed the elephant's ears ... or EVOLUTION that carved out the stream bed ... or evolution that supposedly made the star explode and disperse into other formations in the heavens .... Me thinks thou dost protest too much, evolutionists, ... yes me thinks so .... hee hee .... I mean SERIOUSLY,  even Creationists aren't that into their view of the reason for existence, ie GOD, into everything that they say ...

I mean SERIOUSLY ... do we say

                   ... this particular elephant - THAT WAS MADE BY GOD BY THE WAY
      .... is eating grass ... THAT is CREATIONIST GRASS MADE BY GOOOOOOD, 
      and has CREATIONIST made EARS and and CREATION made TRUNK ......
           creation, creation, creation    .... should we do that?   I don't know  ... maybe we should just so people realize what they're doing ...\

-  AAAAAAAHHHHRRRRRGGGG  - I had another page here of very witty stuff .. if I may say wo myself ... but AHHHHHH I pushed the ENTER key and it got earased ....

oh well ... I guess  ... like I said I'll just say what's on my mind and go to work ... wow!  look at the time ... gotta go!  

May God Bless You Abundantly, 
-  The Creation Chick


Monday, February 1, 2010

God's Creation Calls to You

I'm really not exactly sure why I started this blog in the first place ... you know... just kind of 'felt' like it was something maybe God was calling me to do ... My parents don't believe that God 'calls' people to do stuff ... and they are supposedly 'Christians' but who am I to judge?  My dad was trying to finish his degree and become an ordained minister in the Methodist Church .. and he never believed that God had 'called' him to do that ... he just said that it was something good to do ... and in his opinion God 'calls' everyone to think about being a minister .... I happen to totally disagree with my parents' way of thinking ... And I just think that much of the people in American churches today ... most adults even ... most 'moral 'church going Americans ... well ... I believe that yes ... they would agree with my parents ... like just go to your job ... go to church  ... blend in with the crowd ... be a 'good' person ... don't make waves in society  ... and by all means DON'T talk about having a special relationship with God ... when we all know that this doesn't happen to 'normal' people in  the twentieth century ... and if you think that God might be calling you ... just wait for it to pass ... and then go back to the same mundane boring life that you had before ... In my parents' opinion ... God helps us but He does not talk to us ... God gives us guidelines but He does not personally 'guide' us ... and God so loved the world that He gave His only Son to die for our sins .... but apparently  ... according to my parents ... that was  a one time thing ... and if we expect God to help us out with our every little tiny insignificant problem ... then we have got another thing coming ...

I can still almost hear exactly how they would say these things like it was yesterday ....

I talked a little bit about how I've gone through experiences ... experiences that I think are an allegory that help me personally to understand more about God's love and His plan for my life and for all of us ... and I really have a feeling that I also may have gleaned some understanding that could either help and/or encourage other believers ... possibly even help some atheists to relate to my thought process before I found God ... and possibly help them to see that I am a person no better or worse than them ... and a person that hopefully they can relate to and be inspired by to take a chance on God.

After a previous blog where I talked about this feeling of starting this blog and not knowing exactly why ... I came to realize where my name Creation Chick really comes from ... you see ... my life as a little girl was in turmoil right from the start ... and I used to look up at the sky and KNOW that God existed ... some how I just KNEW!  It was like when I went outside .. He was there and He surrounded me and spoke to me ... through His CREATION!  and so ... maybe I do not know everything about Creation Science ... of course I don't  ... However I plan to learn all I can because I know that God has gifted me with both a passion and a talent for doing well in science  ... and though yes ... Ken Ham could of course explain everything better and know all the answers better than me ... any day of the week ... I still want to be the Creation Chick ... because I want to show young people my age who have grown up in the kind of evolution centered environment that I have ... that there is a way to be a Creationist and still survive in this society ... so many of my friends did not agree ... and they went over to evolution's side because they did not want to be argumentative, etc .... and therefor we get all the theistic evolution that runs rampant in our American churches today .... I say ... of course I don't want to be argumentative ... but why should I say the square is blue when I can clearly see that it is red? ... you know ... it's like everything in my mind and my gut is telling me that evolution is totally messed up ... but people don't want to be argumentative ...so we just say 'yah sure you betcha to any new idea that comes along' it's sad really ... but that's what we've come to here in America ...

So back to Creation Chick ... the name ... well .. mostly it is what defines me ... my parents tried to define God for me ... and then God came and spoke to me through His Creation ... and so the reality of the situation is that without Creation .... I WOULD NOT BE SAVED TODAY .... and I KNOW that if God did not Create the world  ... then my faith is NOTHING ... just as if Jesus did not die on the cross and rise again on the third day ... my faith is NOTHING ... Because God is perfect ... EVERYTHING He said in His WORD MUST BE TRUE ... if anyone tries to alter these truths ... they are altering their definition of God ....

I must also note that when I was a little girl my only answer to skeptics in school was that I knew that God's WORD was correct no matter WHAT it said ... and so I had no reason to even THINK about believing in evolution ... because
      THE STAGES OF EVOLUTION are INCONSISTENT WITH WITH THE STAGES OF CREATION in the BIBLE ... and so even as a girl in grade-school I knew that evolution was a lie ...

What is so weird is that have trusted God by faith  ... and somehow ... there is ALWAYS EVIDENCE THAT COMES OUT IN CREATION'S FAVOR . . .   even when it's found by the evolutionists... why?   because it's the real deal, baby  ... that's why!  because creation is the truth. ... that's why ..

People are constantly coming up with new theories about the origin of life ... but does God's Word change on the subject?   Do we revise it to suit the social climate of the times?      Of course not ... the Bible still talks about 'Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, the six days of Creation and the calling of Abraham just as it has done for thousands of years ... Yes ... our liberal churches change their interpretations of the text... but the text remains for those who will have the will to read what God is actually telling them no matter what the social climate may be around them ...

And so  ... I just want Creation Chick to symbolize a girl who just looked up at the sky ... at the heavens one day and just KNEW that God was there... and so ... I have so much hope for the world through God's Creation ... because no matter WHERE YOU LIVE or WHO YOU LIVE WITH or HOW YOU WERE BROUGHT UP ... ANYONE ... anyone... ANYONE AT ALL ... can look up at the sky and see God's Creation ... for me it was the beginning to my eternal salvation in Jesus Christ ...

No matter who you are ... God Loves You ... God created you ... God can speak to you wherever you are ... just like He spoke to me.  God is very real and QUITE alive and involved in the world and even in your own life ... even before you know who He is.

I didn't get to everything I was going to talk about ... but I'll end it here ... and leave the rest for another day.

God Bless You all!
May God Bless You with Abundant Life today and Always!

- Your Friend
-Creation Chick