Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow!  has it really been since February that I have neglected to make any posts on this blog!  well .. sorry about that ... I DO have an excuse  ... being that my computer was broken and I don't like to borrow other people's computers because I'm afraid I might brake them too ... he he ... and also ... I just think it's weird to borrow other people's computers because  ... well  ... I can't save anything on them .... and really there's just no point to it.

 So ... I'm trying a new thing here ... just gong to try to say what's on my mind before I go to work and then, well  that will be that.  Every time I want to say something ... I second guess myself  ... because there are so many people on the internet saying that Creationists are 'stupid' and what not ... But I've finally taken some time to relax and read some creation cryptozoology books... and it's really given me a renewed vigor and confidence that what I'm talking about it correct ... it is right ... it's not made up ... it's a reality in the scientific world that secular people and even religious and people of faith just want to ignore right now... they want everyone to be friends and get along and they just want everyone to accept evolution for face value.  Well not this chick ... not going to happen ... I'm not selling out... and neither should you ... we should keep on going ... because we have more people on our side than you would think .... and more amazing evidence, too.  Unfortunately we can't just have this evidence handed to us on a silver platter ... we have to go digging because hey, some of the secular scientific community and also the devil ... wants us to think it's not there ... that it's all in our heads .... that we just imagine that we are finding scientific evidence for flood geology and for recent creation and for animals that are supposed to be extinct by evolution standards ..... popping up everywhere on the globe in remote places .... they think to themselves, 'well each of these BREAKS in the evolution theory will just be written off as another unexplained 'fluke'  of evolution .... another 'mystery' of evolution .... another 'miracle' of evolution ...    that somehow nature is not always perfect ... so somehow ... evolution therefore doesn't always make sense perfectly all the time ..... wh wh whAT!    Does 2 + 3 SOMETIMES equal 4 instead of 5? .... Is the boiling point of H2O EVER anything but 100 degrees Celsius?    Ummm ... unless you don't even know the very basic premises of math of science, the reality is that NO!  The rules, the theorums of math, the postulates, the laws, even the well established theories of science , which is supposedly what evolution is .... well established my foot ... - well accepted ... but well established? HAHAHAHAHA .... okay get it together .. anyway  ... these rules of science and math NEVER change.... and IF THEY DO .. . well then ... the theory is then proven to be  ... guess what ../. that's right . ..  FALSE, wrongo, not true, it is then proven that theory never was or never will be true in any way shape, form, time, place or context.  FALSE is FALSE is FALSE .... you can't take something that's been proven to not match up in some contexts ... and try to use it to explain things in other contexts ... just doesn't happen ... unless of course you were purposely trying to bend the laws of math and science to purposely lead the populous in the direction of believing what YOU WANT THEM to BELIEVE..... but you would never do that, right EVOLUTIONISTS?      hmmm ... no response ...

Well I'll tell you what ... there is something unexplained on here and maybe there is something miraculous going on here ... but is it evolution ... I highly doubt it ... :  )  My mind doubts it, and the spiritual truth inside me KNOWS that it is not evolution.
                           --- on that note... did you ever notice how evolution agenda propagators just HAVE to put the name EVOLUTION or EVOLUTIONARY in front of every little thing they say ... just so that EVERYONE is clear that it's EVOLUTION that supposedly designed the elephant's ears ... or EVOLUTION that carved out the stream bed ... or evolution that supposedly made the star explode and disperse into other formations in the heavens .... Me thinks thou dost protest too much, evolutionists, ... yes me thinks so .... hee hee .... I mean SERIOUSLY,  even Creationists aren't that into their view of the reason for existence, ie GOD, into everything that they say ...

I mean SERIOUSLY ... do we say

                   ... this particular elephant - THAT WAS MADE BY GOD BY THE WAY
      .... is eating grass ... THAT is CREATIONIST GRASS MADE BY GOOOOOOD, 
      and has CREATIONIST made EARS and and CREATION made TRUNK ......
           creation, creation, creation    .... should we do that?   I don't know  ... maybe we should just so people realize what they're doing ...\

-  AAAAAAAHHHHRRRRRGGGG  - I had another page here of very witty stuff .. if I may say wo myself ... but AHHHHHH I pushed the ENTER key and it got earased ....

oh well ... I guess  ... like I said I'll just say what's on my mind and go to work ... wow!  look at the time ... gotta go!  

May God Bless You Abundantly, 
-  The Creation Chick