Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hi . . . . I just wanted to respond to a facebooker who commented on my blog post entitled, MY COMMENTS. This is what she wrote:

"1st, maybe those specific persons just argumentative people. if a person who believed in creation argued every five seconds with a blonde evolutionist, would that prove them wrong or scared of their conclusions 2nd, isnt it possible to believe that god created evolution? or did people just pop up on earth? that sounds more like a magic trick than ... Read Morean act of god. there is a way to have a realistic explanation for things without discounting god.
3rd, if a wife and child are battered and abused by a husband, is it smart to stay with him? or to divorce?I am an evolutionist, and I am not (in any way) afraid of your opinions. I welcome them. Nor am I questioning your faith, just giving you something to think about. Maybe being closed-minded isnt the best way to spread your opinions."

Hmm . . . some interesting questions . . . .This is my response:

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for your comment. As to your third point, each family situation is different, but only God knows the heart. If you even knew some of the personal things I've gone through in my life . . I don't think you would have asked that third question, but you didn't know . . and I did put myself out there . . . so no hard feelings. All people of all belief systems struggle with family breakups, whether Christians, Atheists, or whatever they may be. God doesn't promis that people who know Him will not have problems, but the first step to solving a problem is admitting that it IS a problem . .. which is what I'm saying about divorce . . and yes . . abuse . . is an even bigger problem in my opinion . . . . take from that what you will. The difference between someone who knows God and who doesn't . . is that a person who knows God has the Almighty Creator who knows and understands all things with him or her at all times . . . Yes . . God is available to everyone and watches out for everyone- just as He may be watching out for you at this very moment that you read about Him- . . because He loves the whole World! and sent His only Son to Die a terrible death! to pay for your sins and mine . . and the sins of the whole world! . . . So yes . . . God does love us all . . . and wants us all to come to Him and know Him . . . which is why I personally believe so many atheist can't seem to ignore the possibily that God exists until they have "proven" that He doesn't for their own peace of mind.

The reason I am so strongly urged to talk about Creation Science is because it provides the reason for my personal belief. The Bible states that we should be ready to give an answer to those who question what we believe as Christians. Creation Science Scientifically evaluates the nature of the earth and determines a different outcome from that of either naturalistic or theistic evolutionary theory. Creation Science is not a faith, but a science . . . People who are Muslims, Christians, Jews, Mormons . . and many other faiths study Creation Science as well. To say that all Creationists are all evangelical Christians is to be discounting the viewpoints of all other Creationists who happen to be of Muslim, Mormon, Jewish or of other faiths. We, Creationists are people just like you . . who look for reason, understanding and meaning in life. The fact that we believe in God, cannot discount us from having freedom of speech. We are many faiths but on one thing we do agree . . .We have found that the fossil record shows, not evolution but . . . that the fossil record provides scienfic evidence for supernatural phenomena . . . meaning . . . that there is scienfic evidence for an Intelligent Creator. A group similar to ours is the Intelligent Design movement . . . and here you will find even MORE diversified belief systems within in reference to who the designer actually is.

I personnally do fall into the category of intelligent design . . . however . . . Creation Science is more specialized to my personal religious and scienfic viewpoints, but I commend the intelligent design movement for having the guts to stand up for what they believe . . . as I also commend Muslim and Mormon Creationists . . and all forms of Intelligent Design, and as well as De-Evolutionists . . and who ever else is not afraid to go stand up for their beliefs even when it is not popular. Personally, however, I am a specific type of Creationist, a Biblical Creationist, which is Creation Science that is founded on the Bible, the inspired Word of God . . . because I believe and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is God, that He died for my sins, and that He rose on the third day . . . and than ANYONE who will believe this and will choose to trust in Jesus . . will be saved from sin and death . . . and will live forever with God in Heaven. Not only that, but the instant a person trusts in Jesus, the person is now in the family of God. I believe that everyone in the world needs Jesus as their personal Savior . . . not because I like to make up crazy ideas and enjoy being rediculed for my faith . . but because it is TRUE! and I am trying to let people know! so that you and all others can be saved! just as I was! I am no better than anyone else . . but don't you think that if someone really did find the answer to existence . . . that they would not want to share it with others . . . and what makes you think the answer is going to be in the elite circles of people who are smart enough to figure the answer out with complicated scientific means that only few can understand? Would only the elite be allowed to know the truth then?

I mentioned the breakup of families . . . because we are consistently becoming less God-oriented in the US . . . and look what it has done to us .. . now you could say that this is a coincidence . . . but what if it's not? What if there's something we can do about it? What if we can know a God who knows all our fears, our weaknesses, our insecurities, a God who knows the stresses on our hearts, a God who knows the reason for every violent act, for every family in crisis . . and He also knows the solution . . it is always the same . . Jesus Christ . . . Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father except through me."

To try to know God through theistic evolution which is 'god creating evolution' as you said , it dissagrees with my scientific viewpoint in reference to rock layers, because the layers are out of order with the Biblical account in Genesis . . .it doesn't matter how much TIME you put in between there . . 4 thousand years or . . billions of years . . . the order of the rock layers are a scienfic fact and cannot be changed. These layers do not correspond to the order in which the sea, sky, land, plants, animals, and people were created according to Genesis. So . . . because evolution is in direct contadiction to Biblical Creation Science . . . ( I don't know about the other faiths . . . you'll have to ask them) we cannot accept either theistic evolution, or naturalistic evolution . . . because to do so would take away our freedom to choose what we believe and to have free speech about it. It is apparant to me that much of the mainstream evolutionary viewpoints in America, whether naturalistic or theistic, do not want Creation Science to be equally taught alongside in our public schools. If evolutionists were supposedly 'open minded' this current situation in which an other ideas are not talked about would not be happening in the US today.

Again Thank You for your comment. I too welcome dialogue with others as long as it is of a healthy nature.

May God Bless You and May God show Himself to You in a Special Way . . this is what I pray for you,
Thank you for respecting me by giving me the chance to share my personal viewpoint with you.

-The Creation Chick