Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi there ... Creation Chick here .... well ... needless to say ... It's been a long time since I've been online .... I am grateful that people are still following my site and my facebook page ... Thank you for that! It is very encouraging. Well .... I have some things to say ... and I have had a lot of doubts about whether I'm just chasing the wind here ... or if I'm really seeking out some important truths that can help young people understand why God is real .. and why they need to come to Him .... So I just want to be honest about me ... I don't have all the answers ... wish I did ... yah and maybe I have some out-there views on some things... Whether or not you agree with me or not on every little thing is beside the point ... The reality is that I am a born-again Bible believing Christian ... I also happen to believe in Creationism .... and not evolution ... and I think that there is something fundamentally wrong with our society because of evolution .... in our schools ... in our sciences ... in our daily way of life and how we relate to one another .... The reality is that many people think evolution is just harmless ... and that it's just something that men of God don't understand much about so maybe we get all nervous about ideas we don't understand when in reality ... they fit into the Bible perfectly ...... Well, the problem is this ....If there is a guy who is married and talks to an old girlfriend behind his wife's back .... on the surface there is no REAL PROBLEM with this, right? what his wife doesn't know won't hurt her, right? ..... I mean this could go on forever and his wife may never find out ... and as long as the husband does not have any physical relations with this old girlfriend ... than everything is okay right? Just like we Christians can believe anything we want just as long as we also decide to believe the Bible is true and can adjust our beliefs to the Bible, correct? .... Well what if this husband gradually starts criticising his wife about how she looks or about her cooking or anything like that ... because IN HIS MIND ... he is comparing his wife to his old girlfriend .... even if it is even subconscious, right? ... and it could go one of two ways ... there could be so much tension that the wife is experiencing that they divorce ... or the husband and wife could go on perpetually like this forever, making the wife always feel not good enough and unloved lowering her quality of life ... while the husband goes on obliviously, and seemingly harmlessly talking to an "old friend" The point is that there are things that we do that are seemingly okay ... but they have an effect on our lives that we might not even realize .... I'm just likening this to evolution because people do not understand the effect that believing or not believing in evolution has on their lives and their Christian walk. The reality is that I would not be nit-picking if I thought that this evolution/creation battle was not important ... but the reality is that I have studied many many books on the subject and talked to many IT AFFECTS YOU..... IT DOES. And is a wife nit-picking if she asks her husband not to talk to an old girlfriend because it is affecting their marriage? .... Well he might think so .... and that would be sad ... because a wife is a treasure and a gift from God ..... And was God nit-picking when He commanded, "You shall have no other gods before me" ..... People today try to work around that commandment and say ... 'Well ... sports stars aren't really gods', or 'Celebrities aren't really gods', or 'Ecucation and Scientific Progress aren't really gods' .... just like a husband could say that he isn't really doing anything wrong by having a friendship with another woman that just happens to be negatively affecting his marriage with his wife ...... or like a modern-day Christian could say that he or she believes in evolution and it has no effect on his or her faith...... REALLY? Are they really going to take that chance? WHAT IF IT DOES AFFECT FAITH?! Is it worth it? Even if this 'harmless friendship didn't end up ruining the couple's marriage .... it would make everyone miserable in the mean time and destroy everything marriage is supposed to be. Just like if someone believes in something that is contrary to the Bible ... sure maybe the person will survive with their soul intact .... but can they be a good witness if they are subscribed to something that is not of God .... Jesus said ... Matthew 12:30 "He who is not for Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters. (NIV) It's like being on a soccer team and taking the ball and scoring on your own goalie! It's like, 'What are you doing? You scored in the wrong goal!' .... But the devil is a master of deception and he loves to keep us confused about what goal we are aiming at ..... WE ARE AIMING AT JESUS ... and ETERNAL LIFE in HEAVEN is our GOAL and TO TAKE AS MANY PEOPLE WITH US AS POSSIBLE ... and to BE A GOOD WITNESS and a FAITHFUL SERVANT .... Is our goal to be famous in this world or to make sure that people know that we can argue with them until they conceed that we are more intelligent than they are ... or is it to have people say of us that we are a good person or talented or athletic or TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE CURRENT SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY MEMBERS? .... What we have to remember here is that there is always a place where we will be accepted .... and that is in the arms of our Father in Heaven and our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Bible says ... Genesis 1:1 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (NIV) and the Bible describes the fact that Man NAMED the ANIMALS ... ALL of them .....Genesis 2:1 'So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and all the beasts of the field. But for Adam no suitable helper was found.' (NIV) There is not room left for evolution in the Bible ... and therefore ... there is no room and no place for evolution in my heart or in my theology either .... If it isn't in the Bible, than it should not be something that I meditate on or believe, ESPECIALLY if the BIBLE EXPRESSLY CONTRADICTS what evolution says, than of course I should not believe it ..... There are a couple of tests to see if something is against God's Word, and EVOLUTION FAILS BOTH OF THESE .... Test number one ..... Does it contradict the Biblical account? As we have just seen, the account of Creation in Genesis contradicts the Way in which man and animals would have come about according to evolution .... Test number two ... Does it affect my faith in God in a negative way? .... Well ... each person is going to have to look into his or her own heart and ask this question .... but one thing we can look at is this nation, this world, and this Christian community as a whole ... has evolution affected our morals as Christians, as a nation, as a world society? .... Every person has their own unique answer to this ... but just as a husband can bicker and argue back and forth with his wife and say that a friendship with another woman DOES NOT affect their marriage .... does arguing and explaining, and offering statistics .... can this 'EVIDENCE' really change the reality of a situation? ... Will the wife suddenly be like ... 'okay, well I thought that I was not being paid attention to ... but no that you EXPLAINED it to me and offered EVIDENCE .... I guess it's not really that bad that you always compare me to this other woman ... and I should really look at it another way ... I should be lucky to have any husband at all, whether he loves me or not. Now I see the light '.... Does deluding yourself into agreeing with something make that thing morally right? .... And Finally .... God created our brains, our hearts, our curiosity, our minds, our system of logic, and our vast abilities to think, create, and discover truths about our universe .... EVERY WORD of the BIBLE is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! and so wouldn't it make sense that if there was a theory out there that was absolutely true aswell, would it not be logical that it would be in complete agreement with the Holy Bible, and also that if there is a theory that has flaws(... ahem ... evolution... cough...) Then it would would be logical that it too would NOT be in agreement with the Bible .... And this is what Creation Science is my friends ... A scientific school of thought that has set out to show the scientific explanations for our universal truths that are in agreement with the Bible and discard the ones that are not in agreement with the Bible ... and at the same time ... in accordance with our belief that the Bible holds absolute and eternal truth, becuase it is the very WORD of the LIVING GOD, we hold that the scientific truths that we find to agree with the Bible also happen to agree with Scientific Fact and Logic aswell ... and that the Scientific ideas that do not agree with the Bible .... will eventuallly be shown to be proven false .... This is Creation Science ... and this is why I love Creation Sceince so much ..... and why I believe everyone should CHECK CREATION SCIENCE OUT!

May God Bless You Abundantly!

-Creation Chick