Thursday, July 2, 2009

Creation vs. Evolution

Hi everyone! I just wanted to clear up a few things about creation and evolution. I've gotten a lot of questions about this on my Youtube Channel. So anyway . . here it is . . . Biblical Creationism is Creation Science that views the Bible as the ultimate authority. - meaning if science and the bible seem to clash, a biblical creationist will not look to change what the word of God says . . . but will have faith that God's Word, the Bible, is always true . . . . and therefore, what it says must be true . . so it is our job is to find the answer in science to upholds this truth, not becuase we are questioning God's truth, but for the benefit of others, and as always for the Glory of God. A Biblical Creationist will, of course, know that the scientific answer will be found to agree with the Bible because . . the Bible is true . .. and that includes EVERYTHING in it. If the Word of God says that the earth was created in six days . . then HE CREATED THE EARTH in six days. . . now . . . I don't have a problem with people who believe that God created the earth in longer than six 24 hour days . . even though, yes I do disagree . . . and I believe it is more reasonable to say that it was 6 24 hour days, however . . . . I DO have a problem with Theistic Evolutionists! sorry but true . . seriously, I just believe that this is a cop out on a theists part who doesn't want to deal with the issue at hand . . I'm just saying this becuase there was a time when it would have been so easy for me to cop out as well . . . but it's not all the theistic evolutionists' fault . . it's really us . . . the Christians, the theists . . or anyone who believes in God and knows that evolution is ridiculous . . . yet is to afraid so say . . "The Emperor has NO CLOTHES!" . . . . you know what I mean? Well anyway . . . . . there's no way for us to say that unless we have all the facts first . . which is pretty hard to do . . considering the leftist side of the government, ant he media doesn't teach us both sides in school, anymore . . . . . . and even bans anything, BUT EVOLUTION to be taught in schools. What can I say? . . This was supposed to be a nice sweet understanding-of-all-opinions article . . but my blood is boiling way too hot for that right now. In Luke 17:1b&2 (HCSBible), Jesus said "Offenses will certainly come, but woe to the one they come through! It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to stumble." And this is where I get to the problem with evolution. It has 2 major problems for people today. First, and foremost, evolution stems into a philosophy that people automatically and cannot help but adopt called social darwinism, and whether knowingly or not . . they have accepted this philosophical way or life or even religion after they accept the seeemingly scientific theory of evolution as the explanation for how things work in this world and universe . . . - and especially in ourselves, human beings coming from animals, from stardust, from randomness, from nature, from no design . . .(utterly appaulling if you ask me). Secondly and thankfully for us, evolution is scientifically innacurate. The fact is that Darwin created a theory that slowly began to become accepted early on, and now it has taken such controll over society that people will not listen to any other way of thought on the subject. The theory would not have caught on so quickly if it was something a regular scientific theory is usually about such as how objects ARE attracted to one another, how salmon DO go upstream to breed or how stars DO emmit radiation . .. HOWEVER, EVOLUTION is an origins theory, plain and simple. It pretends to be a scientific explanation for how things DO work in the here and now . . . BUT . . it is in fact not a regularly scientifically analyzed theory, but rather a speculation on a possible scenario explaining how life could have emerged without God. It is mere speculation. It is as if God has been put on trial . . and the world has asked Him to prove that without a doubt, He is real and He is the Creator of the Universe . . and that His Word is Real which says He created the World in the Beginning . . not slowly over time. At a trial, here in The United States, anyway,a person is innocent untill proven guilty. In the minds of the people of this world . . . they don't want to be proven guilty . . becuase, let's face it . . . ALL HAVE SINNED . . every singel one of us. . . . And if we can cast a shadow of dount about whether there really is a God who we are snubbing by not accepting Him and acknowledging that He is our God, then we cannot be proven guilty of rejecting Him. In our minds . . when we accept evolution . . . we can be supposedly free of judgment from God. One thing that I have found in practically all evolutionists that I have met is the constant lingering doubt about whether Hell is real. I believe, somewhere deep inside . . they know that Hell is real, but they just don't want to face the reality of it. So, instead they decided to make a silly rule that only knowledge about what can be quantitavely analyzed can be considered knowledge in this world . . and anything besides that will be considered foolish. Corinthians 1:27 (HSCBible) Instead, God has chosedn the world's foolishi things to shame the wise, and God has chosen the world's weak things to shame the strong." And of course . . . God can in no way be quantitively analyzed . . becuase we humans can only quantitively analyze things that are completely within our comprehention .. and do you know why that is? . . . because God created the world for us to analyze and to observe and figure out . . not to say to the world . . . "Oh now I think that the people back in the day of worthiping carvings of trees were weird and religioulsy superstitious . . but now . . I'm going to worship the earth and say "Thank you Earth! You created me out of Star Dust . . . and Thank you Stars, you created the planets, thank you Big Bang! it is You who created the Universe and everything in it IN THE BEGINNING . . PSHA not GOD . . HE obviously cannot be quanitively analyzed so . . He can't be in our little club . . That's right . . We made a clubhouse that says . . "NO GOD ALLOWED" . . and if God wants in . . . He'll have to prove it to us with our rules! . . oh . . yah . . and since we are the epitomy of creation, Not God and not people the obviously LESS EVOLVED people before us . . like hmm . . people who wore sandals . . like Jesus . . or people who lived in huts . . or like any people group that we don't like . . which we will call a race of people . . "yah- real loving -OK stop right there . . . Seriously . . I don's want to get into your club . . however, I do want to pull you out of it . . so while I come over to your little "NO-GOD-ALLOWED" treehouse . . you make fun of me and say that I'm judging you . . Seriously . . . umm . . . You judge me and more . . ALL THE TIME! . . but do I have a right swear back at you?- no becuase I know the truth . . . It is always a defensive person who is disconntented with him-or-herself that lashed out at other people, is it not? . . So let me get back to the topic . . The reality is that evolution has never been observed in nature . . never . . NEVER EVER EVER, NEVER EVEN ONCE BY ANYONE AT ALL. Yes . . ADAPTATION is OBSERVED . . and NATURAL SELECTION is observed . . and MUTATIONS are observed . . but they simply don't combin to created evolution. It's like a person with a cake recipie who says "I have eggs sugar and milk . . these things are what people bake with . . so if I put them in a bowl they should bake something ". .. sorry . . WRONG . . that recipie is going to turn into a slimy oozy drippy mess . . .This is WHY SCIENCE MUST BE OBSERVED . . evolution never has . . and we still have three ingredients sitting on the counter . . . waiting .. . . and . . . .. waiting . . . hmm . . maybe it is millions of billions of years that it is supposed to take to actually prove evolution or observe it . . actually that's not far off . . since that's always the excuse that evolutionists give . . when their theory has been shown to never have been actually observed. And some people go so far as to call this fumbling theory/religion a FACT! .. Give me a break! So anyway . . Creation is like ingredients to a recipie that God gives is the instructions to . . In His Word . . and AMAZINGLY . . . . What do you know? I guess God DOES know a thing or too . . hee hee. His instructions about how nature works . . they actually make sense and when put together . . you realize . . this is actually a recipie that WORKS! . .
But the evolutionists are like, "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT RECIPIE? . . . IF YOU GOT IT FROM GOD, IT DOESN'T COUNT!"
And we . . the Creationists say . .. "Okay . . that doesn't make any sense . . but . . . . if you are struggling so hard . . we'll meet you halfway a little bit and actually show you WHY God's recipie works . . . . so the yeast makes the dough rise . . and the sugar and salt add flavor and the flour does so and so . . and so on . .
And then the Evolutiionists get all up in our faces and say . . " Well . . You didn't prove without a doubt that say . . . yeast rises or that say . . salt actually tastes good! And by that time we are constanly explaining the different aspects of the recipie . . . while the evolutionists have their own recipie that of course doesn't work, but everyone is so caught up in bashing the creationists to dare to think that they actually have a recipie directly from God . . . how uppity are we? When seriously, it is the evolutionists who are uppity and prideful for rejecting God's gift to us . . . a recipie for life everlasting!

Anyway . . there was a French Scientist who studied mutations in butterflies for about seven years . . after which he concluded that the a mutation is NEVER good . . always bad . . a third eye . . a third leg . . bigger wings, smaller wings . . whatever . . it was concluded that any deviation away from a regular butterfly DNA effects the butterfly's structure negatively! This was an enourmous find! . . and there have been several other studies of the same sort. Now . . Evolution is the theory that nature itself . . with or without outside deivine intervention, depending of if you are a theist or an atheist, that nature has created all life forms from amino acids and then from simple once-celled organisms and then to various simple species . . and then of course to the plethora of species that we see today. Theists believe that this does not dontradict the Bible becuase they say "couldn't have God created the world through evolution?
Wouldn't that be nice, huh? . . Then we could all just get along, right? -wrong? . .. First and foremost . . we have tried to get along with atheists on a scientific basis . . it is they who have rejected the idea of God . . and not we who have rejected the idea of scienctific analysis . . . However . . their idea of science is a bit different than ours . . didn't use to be though . . Science is supposed to be analysis of the world and universe around us and analysis of that environment including observation, testing and proving what we can . . while what we don't know about . . we could reasonably guess . . or hypothesise . . . and then test our hypothesis to see if it works in real life. However . . the NEW scientific approach is to just explain how things happen with whatever new fad in scientific theory that comes along . . the only stipulation . .. no God . . Okay . . . How did our once reasonable scientific method turn to . . anything goes . . except for anything to do with God?!!!!! I mean . . do you see the discrimination here?????? Come on . . I think it is very ironic that once God is taken out of science . . . the scientific method has also been taken out . . and observation and proof is no longer something that has to happen for theories . . . it's just like . . okay . . . . now we can just use whatever seems to be the best explanation for something at the time . . and yah .. that'll be fine . . people don't know the difference . . . No wonder people are saying that science is always changing . . What is going on with secular scientists who are evolutionists . . whatever it is . . it is not science . . Yes it is a little fun club that the go to where God is not allowed and thy pat eachother on the back and say the mantra several times a day to themselves "Evolution is Fact" "Evolution is Fact"
"Evolution is Fact" over and over again until no matter how much evidence to the contrary is pushed down their throats . . they will not waver on their faith in social Darwinism and their worship of the elements that formed them. But . . it is not science that they create . . . because if it were . .. they would take a second look at their theories before being all cocky and publishing them in fancy scientific journals . . not knowing for sure if they are right, if it was science they would have some sort of integrity about making sure they have considered all the possiblities . before they say . . oh yah . . Global Warming is real . .. or Australian Aboriginees are less evolved than us . . uumm . . they should be careful and they should not be quick to publish what they are not sure about .. . . Why else to you think they are so angry????? and so intent on everyone believing or agreeing with evolution???? Why would it matter so much to them that everyone is on their side, huh? . . If they knew that there was no other explanation that could possibly be, then they would know that everyone eventually come to realize that they are right . . But instead . . come accusations of falsified evidence to anyone who has a different theory . . Heaven forbid . . dinosaurs and humans walked together . . becuase . . that would go along with what the Bible says about all creatures being created in the Garden of Eden and walking around with Adam and Eve . . . And so . .. when these ancient drawings are found of dinosaurs or dinosaurs and people .. Evolutions decide the most unreasonable explanation would be true . .. that these people somehow . . put the bones together and drew these dead animals as if they were real and even drew them as if they were walking next to or riding on them or attacking them for meat . . ok . . so I could see . . if like ONE tribal group did that . . MAYBE . . . . . . but seriously . . EVERY AGE and EVERY PART OF THE WORLD?????!!!!!! Come on . . What are we . . we're supposed to be scientist here! . . Come ON .. Evolutionists . . and the same is true with human tools found in supposedly cretaceous layers of rock when humans were supposedly not evolved yet . . and the the TREES that go through several layers of coal . . which was supposedly made slowly over a long period of time . . when creationist have been able to created coal under pressure within mere hours . . that's right! . . It's the CREATIONISTS! . . the ones who's science is supposedly a joke . . yah . . it's those CREATIONISTS who are actually doing what people used to actually do before the days that evolution had such a horrible grip on our society . . . they are the ones who are actually testing things out, gathering data, going to the source of the dissagreement . . and testing it out . . . hmm . . it's our old friend the scientific method . . It's really hillarious to think that the majority of people in America actually follow the people around who make rediculous claims that they can't back up . . . and don't even bother to test the opposite side of their theory because they don't want to give the other side credit .. but when the other side does show them up to be wrong about something . . it doesn't shake them at all . . and it doesn't send off any warning signals in people's heads . . they just ignore it and go on . . like it never happened . . and according to scientific america and all that . . it never did . .actually . . because they NEVER print an apology or retraction when it comes to the evolutionary theory. . NEVER . . but when it comes to Creationists . . look out . .here comes the mocking hating ignorant messages toward us once again. It really makes me sick . . I'm sorry but it should make anyone sick who realizes what's going on . . and anyone who doesn't realize what's going needs to wake up and realize it and then join our side . . an the fight for freedom of science . . . maybe that should have been one of our rights provided in the constitution . . but who would've guessed that monkeys (oh right . . a ANCESTOR of monkeys) would be running things in the scientific world? didn't see that one coming,huh? . . . Who wouldn've guessed?

So anyway . . mutations do not produce good things . . they produce bad concequences . . . I'll explain more about the other various aspects of evolution when I have the time . . but for now . . I hope this has cleared a few things up about my point of view.

God Bless You All,

- Creation Chick

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